Good Bye Blogger, Hello WordPress

It is time to say farewell to Blogger. It was very user friendly, required little maintenance and was perfect for a beginner like myself. But blogging was an experiment for me. I wanted to check out what all this fuss about blogging was about but i was too lazy to to put in the effort required, until I heard about Kottu. Kottu is community by itself, and its members are  about as varied as the toppings of an everything-on-it pizza. So I gave it a shot with Blogger. But now I feel that I want something a bit more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. WordPress seems to have it. It is smoother, more professional and more personal. Except that i wish they had more themes. All the themes I like seem to be used by several people, and I do so hate two blogs looking alike. But I’ll have to make do.
So I have packed up my blogging bags and moved town, carrying only the most essential belongings. I brought over the blogs that i felt deserved to be brought over, and the blogs that had any serious comments attached to it. The rest I felt, I could leave behind.

So here  I am. Hopefully the change in scenery would get me up and blogging abit more.

  1. janusis said:

    Thanks, but since my blog is hosted on wordpress, I cant really use any other theme than what is already available, yes?

  2. Artemis said:

    Correct – if your blog is hosted by wordpress, then you are stuck with the limited selection they offer you. If you want a unique theme, you have to find your own web host.

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