Of Headlines, Diplomats, Rhetoric and Bull Excrement

Every weekday morning, I grab the Daily Mirror, sit down in the kitchen, eat my breakfast and try to keep up with the rate at which this country is making a mess of things. I read the front page and as far into the paper as I can before i get sick of it, and then quickly switch over to the comic strips before I lose my sanity. The articles I come across usually are as filling as a puff pastry without stuffing, and as satisfying as biting into a fortune cookie, and then finding out that there is no little strip of paper telling me that it is going to be my lucky day.

There are words used in these articles which i believe should be banned from media vocabulary. They are words like ‘concerned’, ‘vowed’, ‘pledges’, ‘insists’, ‘urges’, ‘reiterates’, ‘supports’ and my all-time favourite, ‘remains committed’. These are words that have all the flamboyance of a peacock and all the thrust of a slug. They are the type of words that say, “I believe something should be done, but it’s not I who will get my hands dirty”.

The UNICEF is concerned about the recruitment of child soldiers. Well, so am I. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it still happens.

Mr. Rambukwella seems upset by the fact that we had relative peace during the first three and a half year period of the CFA.

The US continues to insist that there is no military solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka. Wonder where they got that idea from. Iraq maybe?  While China backs our ‘fight’ against terrorism. Ah! the irony of strong, strong verbal support in this oh so righteous fight against evil.

Mr. Sripathi vows never to accept a portfolio under this President. Reminds me of some else who was not going to return, that is until he seemed to have a change of heart.

But my favourite is the fact that our Government is still committed to peace, and the intact (intact?) CFA. I mean, no matter how much land they have ‘liberated’ and how many LTTE camps they have over run, it is all OK if they are still committed to peace, and still hold on to the CFA right?

And so it goes on, every morning. Meaningless words, rhetoric, a form of diplomacy only used to avoid circumstance, and a healthy dose of  bull excrement. One of these days, my sanity is going to run away, taking my brain with it. Kind of like the way the JVPer ran away with the mace of the House during parliament.

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  1. Doc said:

    hehe too right.. these Lankan newspapers are only as good as toilet paper, the cheap kind at that 🙂

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