My Movie Weekend

As usual every weekend, I spend Saturday nights and Sundays watching as many movies as I can. Its fun and it helps me relax. These are some of what I have been watching:

Ghost Rider


I bought the camera copy as soon as it came out cos I simply had to watch it! As usual, when you are dying to see something, it usually does not meet your expectations, like Fantastic Four for instance. Ghost Rider is good. Its got great graphics, some nice cinematography and an interesting dichotomic hero. But I felt Cage was not the right person to play the Rider. He is just not.. skull-y enough. But he was funny, while making faces in the mirror. The fight scenes were not drawn out enough, and left you wishing for more. The character should have been a bit more evil like in the comic. I am going to buy the movie, but solely cos of the graphics.

The Prestige


This movie I watched twice. It is simply fabulous to watch two magicians compete, putting everything on the line to pull off the most memorable tricks and take revenge on the other. The movie’s strength is its plot and its no frills portrayal of the two magicians. The earthy colours and the raw emotions of the characters make the movie quite real..



I loved this movie. I think i liked it better than Dreamgirls. The music is awesome, especially ‘clocks’, the dancing is brilliant and the cinematography is almost breathtaking. The plot may be a bit weak, but the movie borders on brilliant without quite getting there. There is such potential in it. I like Andre3000’s voice, and I like how they picture him in his little attic with his piano. If you like musicals and hiphop, you should watch this.

Salaam e Ishq


Typical of all Hindi movies, with nothing much to speak about. It seems to be a morphed version of Love Actually. The only saving grace of the movie was the newly wed couple trying desperately to consummate their marriage!

Last year wasn’t a very good one for movies, with several several disappointments. Hopefully, this year will be better.

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  1. janusis said:

    Ah, I love to surf Achcharu once in a while. It is too messy for me to use as my primary blog reader, but it is fun to surf the tags..
    This is what they tagged my post with:
    Ha ha.. funny. Thing is that I was not posting videos I feel is a must for connoisseurs, rather, what i posted was what I watched over the weekend.

    The only movie I’d recommend is Idlewild.

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