Little Italy


Decided to take the family out for a meal yesterday. Everyone was tired of Indian, and Chinese was overdone, so the majority favoured Italian. Now I am not that great a fan of Italian food. In Sri Lanka, among the people I have been with, a really good meal is one that makes you cry. One that has so much chilli, salt and curry, that the vegetables are simply a vehicle to cart the spices into your stomach. But Italian it was decided, and Italian it was.

In Bangalore City, on 100ft road, is this place called Little Italy. What is unique about this place is that it is completely vegetarian. So there was where we stopped off for supper. The ambience was good, nothing fancy, just quiet light and colour, and the option of seating inside the a/c room, or dining under a canopy outside. The music was something I didn’t recognize, but I am happy to say, it was not pop. The service was not brilliant, but adequate. But the food was excellent. Each dish had its own particular character. I say character in preference to flavour, because it had just that: character. Normally in some restaurants you will find a few dishes recycling the same flavouring for different dishes, but not here. Each was unique. I could tell when the garlic was roasted, when it was plain, when different cheeses were used in sauces for pasta dishes. It was delicious. We ordered about ten dishes and passed them around, so we had a good idea of the variety. The salads are not special, while the pizzas are good, (I think my aunt’s pesto is better though, just in case she reads this). The first course is mainly pasta, but my favourite dishes are in the second course. I’d recommend the crespelle and the gnocchi. You also have the option of requesting garlic or chilli oil to garnish your food.

The desserts were good, though by that time we were too full to do it justice. Little Italy is definitely a place you should check out.


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