Bad Time for the Press

Amnesty International (AI) has expressed serious concern over the safety of journalists in Sri Lanka as they continue to face threats at the hands of government forces and armed groups including the LTTE and the Karuna faction.

Journalists are not having an easy ride these days, though it could be argued that they never do have an easy ride.

From the arrest of Parameshwary to the confiscation of her papers to the assault on Tamil journalist Palamohan and the mugging of K. C. Saranga journalistic profession is taking its share of abuse.

But at least no sniper is taking shots at them (as far as I know).

A Palestinian cameraman was shot by an Israeli sniper while filming clashes between soldiers and militants. An Israeli army spokesperson says:

journalists were at risk if they entered a combat zone but soldiers did not deliberately target them.

The video from Reuters can be watched here (viewer discretion advised). It looks pretty deliberate to me. Israelis are not known for being gentle.

Journalists must have a heck of a time finding insurance.


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