Bloody Sonic Booms..

Sri Lanka can really suck sometimes. Fuel goes up in price. The economy resembles mouldy scrambled egg. Traffic is terrible. Ministers block the roads whenever you have an important meeting (and there are a lot of ministers). And now, when you are trying hard to do something useful with yourself at the office, a jet flies low over Colombo and the resulting sonic boom tries to give you a ruptured ear drum. And if that wasn’t painful enough, another one follows suit.

And, with my ears still throbbing, I say:

“Sod ’em all!”


  1. Hak said:

    May be they do it for FUN?? Or may be the people u “SOD”off make it possible for u to “TRY” hard to get something useful done??

  2. janusis said:

    Or maybe it is just some politicians celebrating more death and destruction, spending rupees the country barely has.

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