Tyranny or Incompetence? That’s a Tough One

This is a purely hypothetical question, I mean, it is not as we have such a problem here, and its not as we are faced with such decisions.. But just think hypothetically shall we? There’s a good fellow.

In Sri Lanka, we are not usually faced with choosing between good and bad, instead it is generally a choice between bad, and really bad. Thus has it been, and thus it will continue to be, for quite some time at least. Now, hypothetically of course, lets say we are faced with a choice of leaders for this little old country, and neither of them seem about to make this country a happy place. One of them is incompetent, running for the elections and losing all the time. He has no particular plan for the situation here, and generally relies on trying to make everyone happy and hopefully making a buck in the process. The other candidate runs the country as if he is playing monopoly and has a secret deal with the banker. He doesn’t play by the rules, does whatever he wants, and generally abides by the philosophy of Me-and-My-Family-First-and-The-Rest-of-You-Buggers-Can-Follow.  While the first will smile at you, and then wonder what the do, the second will smile at you while standing on your toes and will pick your pocket while you blink your tears away. While the first may not have enough backbone to herd a bunch of jumbo parliamentarians and curb indulgence, the second may restrict the work of NGOs in the East (for mismanagement of funds) and then buy property for millions of rupees in the city.

Whom would I choose? I don’t really know. The term A-Man’s-Gotta-Do-What-A-Man’s-Gotta-Do does not apply to a ruler of a country. (See Bush) And, we are in such a rut that we need some serious help to get out of it. At this moment, in this hypothetical situation, I would rather meander and hope to reach the right destination, than be herded along with a cattle prod in one man’s direction.

What would you do in this situation? Hypothetically of course?

  1. Jack Point said:

    There is no choice as such at the moment, so the question does not arise. In the event of an election, I would advise people to vote based on the candidates relative ability to govern and improve people’s living standards.

    Go by the track record of the candidates.

  2. janusis said:

    Track record? Judging by the track record of the politicians, I will emigrate!

  3. I would look at the track record of the choices – both of them having been in power and having had a chance to govern – in relationship to how well off the country was/is during their respective periods in power. Guess who would be the choice?

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