Distilled Boredom

Ever feel like the days run into each other like two runny-yoked fried eggs. Days feel just as yellow and just as sticky. You get tired of dealing with your superiors who you feel have dropped of an entirely different planet altogether; you get tired of dealing with your employees who feel that just cos you are nice to them, that you are stupid and can be taken for a ride; and you get tired of doing the same thing every day with nothing truly coming to fruition.

An accountant friend once told me a story about a business man who went to a village one day. He met a fisherman who was lounging on a chair drinking his tea and watching the sea. The businessman asked the fisherman what he does the whole day, and the fisherman replied that he went out on his boat midmorning, caught some fish for himself and some extra to sell, came back by mid-afternoon and cleaned up the fish and had the day to do what he wanted. The businessman was shocked. He said that the fisherman was wasting his life away. The fisherman asked him what he was doing wrong. The businessman answered saying that he should get up early morning, fish for as long as possible and sell off as much as he can. He should then save up the money for a bigger boat so he can catch more fish. After several years, he can get a second boat and hire more people and further increase his catch thus earning more and becoming rich. The fisherman asked the business man what he would do with all this extra money after so many years. Well, said the business man, then he could wake up late and not need to spend the whole day working, and could sit back with a cup of tea and watch the sea.

Life can end up being one long rat race where the track is a circle. Its best not to get caught up with running and aim instead for a goal. It also pays to get off the track sometimes and take a break.

Here are a few videos that always crack me up. One is a guy called Pablo Fransisco, a comedian who is good with voices and has no morals..

Another is one of my favourite groups (if you can call 2 a group) The Flight of the Conchords. Makes me think of business time differently.


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