Sex and the Imagination

I happened to look at a Playboy magazine the other day and I didn’t get past 3 pages, It was that boring. It worried me for a while there, I mean, I am a guy and stereotypically naked women should excite me, right? right? I began to wonder if I was growing old or if my hormone levels had drastically decreased or if I was turning gay after all these blog posts about homosexuality. But I still like sex, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

After giving it a lot of thought (a whole four and a half minutes) I realized that porn is boring. Now, now, don’t throw your socks at me. Think about it. These magazines and movies used  to make the rounds of our hostel back in college, but after a cursory glance it was back to my comic books for me. Unless you have zero contact with women or are locked away in an attic for long periods of time, pictures of naked women are just that. Pictures.

Let me ask you a question. Who is more famous, Pamela Anderson or Dita Von Teese? I say its Von Teese. Anderson may be well known, but that is because of her notoriety and not because she brings anything besides silicon to the table. Von Teese is classy and draws a classier crowd (I know about her was through an interview on CNN and no other reason, so dont give my blog ‘looks’). Excitement is not only for the body but also for the mind. If the mind doesn’t get catered for you only get half a deal.

Remember the times in high school when that hot girl used to lean close to you while you both were doing an assignment and your blood flow changed direction? Or those days in college when you were out dating a hot girl and her every touch and smell would wind you up like a taut spring and everything you did after that was like a mini fusion reaction? Now compare that with the psycho girl who made a grab at you, pulled you into a room, and you were done in 15 minutes. Not that there are many guys who wouldn’t like the last example, but they are never as memorable as the instances when you take your time. The girl with the coquettish smile versus the one who flashes you. The short skirt versus the batty riders. It is all a question of packaging. A good wrapping will set the mind working, and the mind definitely helps the body. It doesn’t have to be the tantric ten-hour version that Sting practices, but a little bit of preparation never hurt anyone. You always feel much more satisfied with something you work for, than with something thrown at your face. That is why porn doesn’t work. You cover the heads and the bodies look like they have come off an assembly line. But the girl across the room who knows how you give you the look will get that imagination and those hormones playing tag.

Sex is far more than a hump and a bump and a roll over. It is also a look and a word and a touch. An urge can be satisfied quickly, but if you can create a desire you will have them coming back fore more.. So, reign in that urge to speed and take a leisurely drive instead. You get to see so much more that way..

  1. David Blacker said:

    I think you’re mixing up Playboy with porn. Yes, Playboy is boring. Porn isn’t. Playboy became boring about 15 years ago, when it was overtaken by Hustler and then the internet. If you think porn is not relevant to your sexual desires (the girl in school looks hotter, etc), it’s because you’re looking at the wrong kind of porn. The latter’s like ice cream — thousands of flavours, something for everyone. If you think that the girl next door is sexy, there’s porn that’ll cater to that taste. If you think your neighbour’s dog looks cute, well, there’s porn that’ll take care of that too.

    Playboy’s stuck in the glamour era, back when we thought famous proxide blondes were the sexiest thing on the planet. Culture (and with it sexual norms) have moved on. If you’re still looking in mags for porn, well you probably are still stuck back there in the early ’90s. Porn’s on the net. And it’s free. Grab a spoon.

  2. sam said:

    I read playboy for articles 🙂

  3. janusis said:

    I always thought Playboy was porn really..
    Internet porn pales too, really. There is only so much that can be done to a body.. oh well.
    Playboy has articles? Really? 🙂

  4. Parthi said:

    hmm playboy…all i know is once u are on playboy you become famous for nothing! Anna nicole smith, pamela anderson …god

    i think porn sometimes help a couple or a person to fantasize could be included in a healthy passionate way in a couples sex life..add a bit of spice, a fun than being so routine…i agree with your points porn does get boring as its not reality..fake boobs and orgasms what the hell…as they say take the good things and shove off the rest!

  5. N said:

    what the hell are batty riders? 🙂

  6. Riddle me this.

    If there was a porno on the net with the girl next door and your gardener starring in it would you stub your toe on the coffee table while you were making the mad dash to your PC to warez that shit? Of course you would! You’d probably pay a visit to Mrs Palm and her 5 lovely daughters on the way as well!

    Porn in Playboy isn’t turning you on anymore because of the same reason people think the Premiership is better than La Liga. At the end of the day instead of watching some hot chick get loved up 50 ways from Sunday by a stud muffin we’d rather watch the fat slag next door getting her back doors banged in by Siripala the gardener because it’s in our own back yard.

    Good effort, but must try harder.

    Oh, and 75 comments. You heard it here first mate!

  7. What’s wrong with Playboy?
    anyhow I love nice girl pics, so I’ll keep filling my gallery, that’s for sure!

  8. Deane said:

    seriously? dude.. LK porn can be gross sometimes..

  9. janusis said:

    Batty riders are those tight shorts that go up so high they practically ride the batty! A Jamaican lady told me about em..
    I dont think I have seen any LK porn.. Must be indian stuff passed off as LK.

    Dunno what you mean yellow, by trying harder.

  10. David Blacker said:

    “Internet porn pales too, really. There is only so much that can be done to a body.. oh well.”

    The thing is to find the one thing that floats your boat.

    And seriously, Playboy always was the cutting edge in their articles. Some of the world’s most famous authors were first published in short story form in Playboy. Pictures were something like like 20-25% of the mag, but obviously drew more attention.

  11. Melina said:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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