Religion and the Dollar Bill

It seems to be that the more dollar bills there are, the less religious people become. Or so says a report I came across recently

A recent post on religion that I thought was light hearted managed to get itself quite a lot of attention, and not to mention hits. It led me to read up a bit more on the religiousness of people which then led me to an interesting report. The Pew Global Attitudes Project released a report on certain key issues, one of which included religion. The results of the report seem to show that the richer a country is, the less religious it is.


Right up there, you see Africa, definitely poor and definitely religious, and right down there you see West Europe, richer and seemingly less religious. The graph is quite interesting really. It seems to show that the more self sufficient you are, the less interest you have in a higher power. Also, it is the older people that are more religious and the younger ones don’t seem to be as bothered about this religion thing.

It’d make an interesting discussion, but this time I leave the conclusions to you.

  1. sam said:

    I’m not really sure how they scaled religiousness. I personally don’t think Africa is that religious, at least looking at the news, looking at all the killing and crimes going in there.. Well, then again, murder and hatred is essential part of the religion.

    By the way, can that be other way around? Less religious some become, more successful they turn in to? At least then they don’t have to kill for God.. and they can use things like “Science” and “medicine”.. and don’t have to worry about falling off the edge of the earth?

  2. Wealth needs progress. Religion is conservative.

    In cultures where people are interested in new inventions, the conservative religion is out of their sight.


    People can either work to earn money or live a “good” life worshiping god (“you can’t serve God and mammon”). So religious people work for the good of their souls, materialistic ones for their wealth.

  3. @ Sam:

    Does “religious” mean someone worships God or that he follows His rules? ‘Cos I think in Africa they may not follow the Bible’s or Quran’s or whatever-they-believe-in rules, but people pray very often, long and intensive.

  4. janusis said:

    The religiosity index was categorized like this. 1 point each was given to a person if: if they believe faith in God is necessary for morality; a “1” if they say
    religion is very important in their lives; and a “1” if they pray at least once a day.
    Murder and hatred is not an essential part of religion. Rather it is a part of humanity. Religion is just an excuse for it.

    I would tend to think by looking at the data that being materialistic and successful leads to more reliance on self and therefore less on anything else.
    Isn’t it funny how far off the graph line the US and Kuwait are..

  5. sam said:

    // Murder and hatred is not an essential part of religion.//
    hard to agree. If you think killing the firstborn, destroying countries, flood the whole world is not murder, and then it is ok. God said, treat none-believers like slaves. And at the end of the time, God will send all the none-believers to Hell for burn in hellfire for eternity. It is Hate and Murder alright.

    When people have more problems, they lean on to realign (and other “hopeful” things) more and more. When there was a time people were not sure will they come back home again, once leave the house, they even used to believe in Geckos, But not anymore. If you go to go poor parts in India, you will see how much people do for their religion. Dance like monkey, live like monkeys (Since God Hanuman is their favorite), eat like monkeys.. Some even eat dead bodies. I guess when there is no hope; people always go for religion or whatever they can find. No need to go for country level, just look at how does any family behave in Sri Lankan, in a crises – two trips to Katharagama, seven day Bodi Pooja, and three trips to Kochchikade Church..

    If they have considered level of education as well, it would explain why USA is very religious. After all according to Miss Teen South Carolina, there are no enough maps in American states like Iraq and South Africa and Asia, so Americans can’t locate America in a world map. 🙂

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