Yahoo! is not safe

“While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies,”

Says Tom Lantos, Democrat of California and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to Yahoo!.

Information Yahoo! released to Chinese authorities in 2004 on Si Tao’s (a journalist) online activities led to Tao being jailed for ten years. Si Tao was engaged in pro-democracy efforts which were labeled subversive by the Chinese authorities. China has been restricting online activity for the past couple of years, closing down blogs, requesting the registration of blogs, and restricting the results of search engines with regards to any ‘subversive’ topics.

Yahoo! has been involved with legal battles of similar nature for some time now, with a French court requesting that Yahoo! ban access to websites containing Nazi memorabilia. Yahoo! is not alone in its efforts to please China, with Google and Microsoft unzipping their pants as well in their greed to grab China.

Online freedom is something we treasure, a way to break free from restrictive governments or society.  Once companies like Yahoo! start bending over for governments like the Chinese, we are going to be in trouble. Am I glad Sri Lanka is not a huge internet market.

Read the articles here:

New York Times




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