Romanian Dancing

For the Romanian National Day this month, a folk dancing troupe was brought down to Sri Lanka and performed at the Royal College. I would tell you their name, but sadly I cant pronounce it, and since this isn’t a critique I shan’t research it for you. (smiley face goes here)


There were not many attendees, just a handful of young bored school children and Romanian Nationals, but the troupe was quite good. The band largely improvised the music and it was quite well done. They played almost continuously the whole hour, and they were extremely vigourous, especially the violin and the pipes. They didn’t just play, they played fast! I have never seen a man blow that fast.

The dancers were quite good. The girls pretty and smiling, and the men quick on their feet. Unlike quite a few of the dances I have seen, these people actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. There was a lot of stamping and kicking, and some dangerous looking spinning (with everyone holding hands), but it was very well coordinated. Reminded me of some Russian movies I had seen. It was all very entertaining, and the fact that one of the ladies wearing those thin cotton traditional tops was not wearing a bra during those vigourous steps, certainly did not detract from the entertainment!

I just wished that the lights people would stop playing around though, the troupe could hold their own without any fancy light play.

It was quite a fun experience, but I wished it lasted longer. Good things end so soon.


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