And Nepal had Voted!

It is April 10 and its voting day in Nepal! It is about time. I remember earlier this year when the voting lists were brought into the offices with much fanfare and cheering. I remember the flurry of activity in the election commission as the lists were brought in, and the tremendous logistical hurdles the organizers had to go through (changing the borders of the ballots sheets by a centimetre to increase efficiency by significant percentage). People I spoke to were doubtful about the voting taking place since there were so many postponements before, but it has happened and I am glad.

Dinesh Wagle has a personal account of the voting, from which I extract this:

One guy came behind me with his identification card saying: I was eagerly waiting for the morning. My hand is itching. I want to vote! I will be voting after 16 years.

Can’t wait to see how things turn out. The CA process is not a quick one, but the people have commitment, and the next three years will show results.


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