Large Person Discrimination

I wrote a post some time ago about the insensitivity of advertisements and the blatant typing of body sizes into a ‘good’ slim one and a ‘bad’ fat one. There were a few responses to it, from which I found out that the advertising was in-house and noticeably low budget.

Recently, I came across another set of ads in a store selling branded clothing that was quite atrocious. The terrible thing was not that the ads were in bad taste and low-budget, but that the ads were in bad taste and obviously of a higher budget. The resources were obviously available to create good quality advertisements, but it is sad to note that is was not enough to ensure some sensitivity.

Now I am not on a crusade for large people, but seriously, some one should give these people a course on decency.

I must apologize for the lack of clarity of the picture, I had to snap it in a hurry before a security guard descended on me. He tailed me during the rest of shopping session, mind you. The things I do for citizen journalism!

The ads are for a pair of jeans, “Skinny Jeans”, which are not for the masses. On the far left (partially cut off the picture) is a large woman looking up at the skinny woman with the skinny jeans. It is really quite pathetic the depths people sink to, to sell a product. Someone should sit them down, give them a tap on the knuckles and teach them some manners.


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