All That Jazz

I love music. I love listening to very many different types and instances of music ranging from classical instrumental to alternative rock, depending on how i feel at the moment. I had Four Seasons playing in my room at an age when most of my classmates were listening to Backstreet Boys and I used to attend Parikrama concerts instead of buying the latest Westlife cd (Gosh!). But for some reason, I was never able to get the hang of Jazz. I tried listening to it, kept it playing in my room while i was in high school, but it never did call my name.

Until now, that is.

About two months ago, I started listening to the Dave Koz radio show and the sound that came out of my speakers was like honey. When the sirens sang to Ulysses, I’ll bet you a sax that was no pop that he heard, baby!

Jazz is a mellow mature type of music, un-canned and handmade. Its flavour not only consists of its ingredients but also overtones of where it comes from. That probably explains why it took me so long to enjoy it: it requires a certain state of mind. Now if you’d visit me while I work, you probably hear strains of a trumpet hovering around my computer, or you’d hear a sax swimming around the rooms of my home on a quiet evening. Its wonderfully relaxing, and does not disturb my thought processes at all. Some of my first memories of Jazz were Kenny G, and later Dave Koz, but now you’d probably find other names on my play list (If you happen to grab my notebook away from me), names like Vandross, the lovely Sade, Chris Botti and George Benson. I have been jazzed, and it looks like there is no turning back. I suggest you try it, it’s quite addictive..

  1. Madday said:

    dude…you’ve discovered whats known as smooth jazz..while it might sound mellower and more structured than your average jazz, it’s in reality a diluted, poppy, radio freindly type of music…which most true-jazz fans loathe…to say you never liked jazz till you heard dave koz and his friends is a bleeding insult..its like saying you started liking cricket only after watching 20-20…

  2. janusis said:

    That’s a possibility.. As they say, I am a jazz ‘noob’. My introduction to jazz was years ago through Koz, but like i said, now there is Vandross and Benson against whom I doubt you could say anything, and Sade and Botti.
    Who knows what else I will discover as the days go by, but I’ve gotta start somewhere, eh?
    By the way, what’s cricket?

  3. Welcome to the club! The great thing about Jazz is that it consists of a whole range of music that is so different in styles, content and rhythms. Keep listening!

  4. Sean said:

    I love the Dave Koz show! I still listen to it online but I seriously miss my Sunday evening cruises down Marine Drive listening to Dave…

    But Dave Koz mostly plays Jazz influenced pop (Sade, Benson, Vandross etc.)… Don’t get me wrong – I love that stuff (“Kiss of Life” by Sade is one of my all time favourites) His show is a wonderful introduction to Jazz but it doesn’t have the layers good Jazz usually has…

    Now that you are into it… try some Dave Brubeck or even the genius that is Miles Davis and John Coltrane. I can also highly recommend Kenny Burrell (if you like guitar). I am not a complete Jazz aficionado so my taste is still pretty mainstream – but it is a good next step if you want to explore…


  5. janusis said:

    @Java: Thanks.. I’d have been terribly disappointed if you hadnt left a comment on THIS post..

    @Sean: Suggestions are very welcome. I am still not quite sure which artistes I should be listening too. I love guitar, but what i have is mostly classical Andres Segovia type pieces. Will check up on those you mentioned.

    It never ceases to surprise me when I find out how many people enjoy jazz. And here i thought it was only Bathiya and Santush or the Gypsies that ruled this island..

  6. Hey man – if you could get yourself a WorldSpace set you could get RIFF, a Jazz station that goes on 24/7 and get into all sorts of Jazz. You could also get zillions of other stuff – my favourites being RIFF, The Hop (sixties and seventies rock and R&B) and Maestro (Classical). There’s just about every type of music on the various other stations, including all the NEWS ones as well. It’s all off a satellite, digitally transferred, no commercials and no distortions!

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