Confused Bust Measurements

No this is not a story about Britney Spears and a drunk plastic surgeon. Instead it is about this nice old lady who is a relative of mine. She simply loves helping people, and, for more years than i have been alive, she has done whatever she can raising money for orphans, stitching them clothes, giving them food and gift hampers during Christmas. One day, she decided to stitch dresses for a bunch of girls at an orphanage and gave the caretaker a list of measurements she needed. When the list came back to her and she ran her eyes over it, she noticed that the bust measurements were slightly strange. Instead of the measurements you might expect, she saw numbers like ‘9’, ’11’, and even the occasional ‘N/A’, which of course is strange for the most obvious of reasons. So she went to the caretaker and questioned her about the methods she used to measure the busts of the girls. Well, it seems that the caretaker in all confidence did measure the chest area, but in a most unorthodox way. She measured the circumference of the breast, instead of the bust area, which would explain the N/A for some of the girls.

To this day I wonder what type of dresses the girls thought they were going to get, and what a scene it would have been during that measuring session….

  1. Foxhound said:

    Talk about a blunder!

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