The New Facebook – First Impressions

A few minutes ago, Facebook started testing out a new structure for their website and offered users a chance to switch between the new and the old profiles. Whereas I was able to switch between structures, a contact in London was not given the option, so I assume FB must be testing in batches.

My first impressions were not very favourable, but that could just be due to my not being familiar with the layout. The new design is definitely more roomy and makes better use of the free space in the previous design, but it seems to have lost its sharpness, and clean cut lines.

The bar on the left that held short cuts to your applications is gone, and that seems to be a disadvantage. That bar was like your tool bar in photoshop, giving you quick access to all you need. At present that seems to be the biggest loss. The application bar just becomes a tab at the top of your screen.

On your profile, its just your feed, wall and friends. The applications and everything else gets relegated to tabs along the top of your profile.

The advantage is that it makes the blessed profile easier to download, which is much appreciated on some junk filled profiles, but i still miss the side bar.

I wonder what their other changes will be, but I do hope it doesn’t involve us having to do major reorganizing of our own profiles.

  1. Dhanu said:

    Yeah tell me about it.
    dropping the left hand side Menu bar was not a wise decision.

  2. Dinu said:

    I don’t like this at all either. The profile page looks very messy right now. Apparently it was done after some feedback from a limited number of users.

  3. FB had a separate Facebook Page like thing for months and months for user feedback…anyone could give opinion…

    The last time FB change the look (like 1-2 years I remember it) most ppl didnt like it.. but we all adapted right…I guess in a couple of weeks we’ll all be ok with it..

  4. janusis said:

    Did they now? I guess they allow the option for a limited section of users..

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