Boys and Their Toys

Do you remember that feeling you got when you first set eyes on her? Those glistening smooth curves, that sleek figure, attired in the latest fashions? Do you remember how much you wanted to find out what made her tick, and how you wanted to get her all the latest accessories; the best of everything laid at her feet? Do you remember wanting to push her buttons and see her light up, connecting her and enjoying what she can do? Well, those feelings never really go away. Men are technologically adulterous by nature, and no sooner do they get used to one gadget that they simply have to have another, and I have not been spared this blessed curse.

I love mobile phones.

I really do.

I remember not being able to sleep for a week when I was about to get my first mobile phone. It was this tiny little Alcatel (I cant remember the model) with its little antenna and I thought I would be happy forever. Then I saw a friend of mine having an Ericsson (yes, the old days before Sony came into the picture) that was the size of a brick and as heavy, but that was rubber coated and water and shock proof. How I loved that monster. It was getting old, so I traded it for a 3310 which in my opinion is still one of the most solid phones around. Drop it, kick it, wet it, it still worked. I knew it so well, I could write my Chemistry notes with my right hand while typing an sms to a girl with my left hand underneath my desk. I managed to pass Chemistry by the way. Somehow. It was about then that depression hit me. Colour phones had come out, but they were too expensive for a college student like me to afford at that time. First it was these pixelly models with tiny screens, but gradually the resolutions improved, cameras were added, video capabilities, and then memory cards all taking these lovely little machines further and further away from me. When technology finally increased to a point where camera phones became affordable I grabbed one, took pictures of everything in sight, and walked around with its headset in my ears like some malfunctioning android. It was pretty much the same story for the next couple of years, I was going to say that I calmed down after a while but I am afraid that might be a lie.

It all changed last year though when I got my hands on a Blackberry in Sri Lanka. That opened a whole new set of doors for me, email straight to my phone, a platform I could install software on, almost limitless possibilities. Almost. I put on a EBook Reader, a Bible and some games and I thought I was set for life.

That lasted a few months.

I tried the Symbian OS in the Nokia N Series for a while. It gave me better multi media facilities, 3g downloading speeds and a lot more style, but it still lacked the functionality that I wanted, so that was when I decided to try Pocket PCs.

I first cut my tooth on an HP IPAQ running windows mobile 2003, and that was a revelation to me! Windows in my pocket! Just what I needed! But then we all know how IPAQs work right? Hardly the type of thing you want important data on, especially since this did not have a user replaceable battery, and since the memory gets wiped out every time the battery completely drains. I had to get something new.

So now we come to the whole point of this almost boring blog post: I got a new gadget.

And I love it.

It has WM 6.1, it has Wi-Fi, 3G, a 3 Mp Camera, a bunch of other stuff, and its all mine!

Ok, I am calm now, this just happens sometimes.

I decided to side step the heavy brand names and go for an HTC manufactured PPC. It offers you the most adaptability along with the usual functions you would expect. I did not go for the Touch Diamond because I rather would not have to depend completely on a touch screen, so I went for the Kaiser instead which has a slide out keyboard. After a few days hunting software and adapting this baby, I can watch movies on it, stream youtube, surf the internet, check my email (without enabling pushmail even), write my notes and blog posts straight into word, and read EBooks where ever I go ( I average a book every 3 days, mostly reading on the bus and while walking). Oh, I can also make calls and take pictures. There’s no turning back for me now, I don’t think I can ever switch back to a simple mobile phone after I have seen the light. I believe that I won’t need to change this baby for another for quite some time. The Lady expresses doubt about that, but what does she know. It’s not like I am fickle when it comes to technology or something. Hmph!

I will probably write another post about some must-have software for your PPC, but that will have to be when I am not fiddling with my new toy. Stay tuned!


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