Solar Day on October 17? What Rubbish..

Don’t you love these cyber-urban myths that float about in your inbox? You know, the ones with the huge dog, and the huge blond lady, and people eating babies etc etc.. Some really bored people with a lot of time on their hands spend a lot of effort coming up with these fables and then disseminating them. I wonder if it tickles their fancy having their own rubbish forwarded to them.

Recently I got an sms that  goes like this:

Coming October 17, the sun will rise continuously for 36hours (1.5 Days) In this time the US countries will be dark for 1.5 Days. It will convert 3 Days to 2 Big Days. It will happen once in 2400 years. We are very lucky to see it. Don’t miss it!

And coincidently, the calendar I looked at was misprinted and had only 30 days in October. (How’s that for luck) But, even with grade school science knowledge it’s obvious that such a thing is physically impossible, unless the earth starts spinning on its belly or stops spinning altogether (at which time the question of days and life in general would be moot.)

Also it is quite amusing to note the use of language in the forward; ‘US Countries’ for example, and the ‘Days’ becoming ‘Big Days’. It seems to have originated in South Asia judging by the language, and there seems to be a ton of effort behind this story. I googled the story and found lots of confused people (and employers) looking for answers. But, sadly for people looking for a holiday, this story has to be filed under teh Urban Legends section.

It’s not even a very amusing forward. At least the “Bigger is Better” myth has kept us all entertained for many years. Even the busting (pun intended) of the myth by Playboy bunnies is very… entertaining…


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