Why Sri Lanka Sucks Now.

It sucks to be Sri Lankan right now, and here’s why:

1. It is so hot now that your brain melts, and you feel like you are moving through sweat soup.

2. The government is so corrupt that you have a ‘Bribes’ column in your budget.

3. Politician play musical chairs across parties.

4. Terrorists can become MPs

5. You can hardly tell the difference from a terrorist attack and a government attack

6. A teacher can run away with a billion rupees.

7. Citizens pay taxes that go into killing other citizens.

8. The roads have more holes than Swiss Cheese.

9. The country is run by a monarchy that hides behind a democracy.

10. The national religion is headed by monks who advocate violence.

And did I say it was very hot? And that bombs going off no longer shakes us off our routine? And that idiots drive on roads infested with tri-shaws?

Sri Lanka has a lot of issues and it just keeps getting worse. I wonder how much longer we can hide in our little worlds before it all comes back and bites us in the bum.

  1. “It is so hot now that your brain melts”
    uuurgh, i hear ya!! and the humidity makes you feel like you’re suffocating. global warming be damned! sigh

  2. Ajitha Sivananthan said:

    wooo wooo wooo

    Crazy Mahjungs

  3. Rajen Samuel said:

    You be one crazy Mahjung homie Ajitha. wooo woooo f’n woooo

  4. Poktop said:

    Another Reason SL sucks is because

    11. There are miserable faggots like A Janusis

    [oh and btw happy to know that u have a BRAIN to get melted]

  5. Are you a srilankan.

    Know this you asshole. You are kinda bloggers who fucking ruines the imag of a country.

    It’s true any country has issues inside it self. Show me one which you don’t have.

    You just a jobless retard. Like V.Prabakaran (Poser).

    And do you know Srilanka is the only country which you can change the climate by 2hours by travelling.

    You kno what i did a small reserch about you with some private spy he told me that you are child of a whore. And your mum died of herpies.

    • tamil supporter said:

      sri lanka is a fucked up country because it depicts the nazis from today

      • human said:

        ur right.. sinhalese slave bastards look down at the first civilisation the tamil ppl…..

    • Oops looks like the fifth column in on your tail…..

    • Love Ma Country said:

      How come some one says that Tamils were the 1st settlers in Sri Lanka. The first settlers of our country are the Naga and Yaksha. Then came prince Vijaya and his people (the Aaryans). The Tamils in North were the people who came from south India, most of them who tried to conquer SL with a warlord called Elara. Then king Dutu Gamunu only killed Elara in a dual, he should have killed the rest. The Tamils in upcountry (the Central province) were slaves and workers brought by the English for cheap Labour. First learn the History and then talk about it. All Tamils are not terrorist, but Tamils who tries to ruin Sri Lanka are terrorist.

    • annonimus lol said:

      Guys I loved my country before I came here
      But after I heard how corrupted the government is I’m feeling siiiickkkk
      Srilanka was a beautiful place but how the government is going on I don’t think this land will remain the jewel of the Indian ocean

  6. janusis said:

    Machan, research your spelling before you check out my mommy.. If you love your country so much, why do you pretend to speak “ghetto”.
    Lesson 1: You are Sri Lankan, and therefore you should say: ” I love MY Country”

    You Wannabe you…

    • tamil supporter said:

      no, i love TAMILEELAM

    • Love Ma Country said:

      What matter is what I say, not how I say it.

  7. mahavamsa said:

    good analysis, this is how i feel too!

  8. Love Ma Country said:


    Just tel me what’s your country?

  9. janusis said:

    I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours..

  10. UIPS said:

    if u cant appreciate your country in which you were born or even raised then u seriously have 2 luk bak. ur parents grew up in that shit box and raised u up…sri lanka isnt all about bombs and terrorist…its those tamil fags who do that shit. besides sri lanka is one of the most beautiful countries…maybe youve only been to the shit places

    • tamil supporter said:

      the so called beautiful country was achieved through the discrimination and murder of tamils

  11. Love Ma Country said:

    Well said UIPS …..!!!!!!

    And know this if you so perfect & confident about you’re damn blog and your ideas why are you scared to tell your country name.

    And what do you know about Sri Lanka. Your just a LTTE supporting blogger.

    Most propabaly you might not be a Sri Lanken. You might be and tamil who’s mum got bang’d by some nigga’s..!!!!


    grow up shit hole…!!!!! Don’t act like small bloody pussy….!!!!!!!

  12. janusis said:

    Like Wow!! I’m like, soooooo offended that some racist trolls using ghetto speak insulted moi!

    Oh, I can blog no more! Let me run away and grow tomatoes instead..

  13. Jaydon said:

    It’s not why sri landa sucks, it is why sri LANKANS suck always, im very amazed by the numbers of people complaint about the sri lankans, this includes people from all over the world, not to mention indians and aussies, ive been stayin wid srilankans for the past few months n the experience is something that u,even as a sri lankan wont wanna have it again. ever since that i believe n conclude indeed sri lankans are ego, pride, prioritize themselves more than others as always, so far even the nicest sri lankan friend ive got is considered the worst among other nationalities and i wonder why, what makes them become such a prideful bastard. anyway i knw there’s exception and i hope i could meet them someday,that’d change my impression towards srilankans fair bit..hopefully..

    • Mod said:

      What are the names of these “Sri Lankans”? You like “Latino Sinhalese” has an obvious agenda to push.

  14. Latino Sinhalese said:

    You sir are a god !

    8. The roads have more holes than Swiss Cheese.

    10. The national religion is headed by monks who advocate violence.

    Oh i don’t hate sri lanka btw , i hate the people in it ! 99 % of them are rude , selfish , and jealous people ! I use to love sri lanka but now i realise , its getting worse and worse.

    I told my neighboors recently to stop their drain and to forward it from the back because their drain came and splattered my gate and when visitors come its disgusting and all. i told them nicely over tea and the next day they stopped talking and sent me a letter saying : this is sri lanka , this is how we do , we cant be clean like you , if you want go back to america dont stay here. AND IM DEAD SERIOUS.

    Its a shame seriously , look at the bus drivers driving overtaking on roads that are not even big enough for two trishaws.

    Look at the monk creeping out the temple to go with their girlfriends , look at them throw stones at dogs for fun , look at them having the latest phones ! ( even better than mine ) !

    Seriously , stop saying you are a proud sinhalaese or sri lankan , when you throw garbage on the streets and make it ugly.

    Of course not all the countries are good … but that doesnt mean you have to be like the other countries ! Rude , jealous and selfish.

    Seriously sometimes i think tamils are better than sinhalese …

    • Mod said:

      No Sinhalese would say the crap you are saying. You are obviously a racist Tamil.

      • tamil supporter said:

        maachan, tamils cant be racist against sinhalese when they are targeted. we only speak the truth. you make up lies and discriminate us

    • Kelly said:

      Oh shut up will you! You don’t know all the people that live in Sri-lanka do you? Well don’t judge people like that!

    • tamil supporter said:

      the tamils were always better than racist sinhalese

      • Love Ma Country said:

        Tamils are better people. Show me one picture where a Sinhalease have bombed a innocent civil area, but I can show you many pictures of where LTTE have done so. Tamils are not bad, but the LTTE and their supporters are. What do you say about LTTE taking away little Tamil children to be their LTTE carders (child soldiers). Is that human? what if your children were taken away from their schools and their lives were ruined? Ask your self. Here’s a fun fact V.Prabakaran (dead looser LTTE leader) took away children as child soldiers to his army while ruining their education and lives, but he gave his children a good education (he even sent them to universities overseas). He’s children had a luxurious life with toys, but he gave other children guns. He even named he’s son as the leader after him when there were many senior experienced leaders in LTTE, Now please tel me, when the LTTE leader it self discriminates his own race how can you blame other who didn’t do.

  15. Advert said:
  16. Jaydon said:

    hey tamils definitely better 🙂 even hindis

    • Mod said:

      There is no relative better or worse. Tamils are better for Tamils. Sinhalese are better for Sinhalese.

  17. nadunwow said:


    I hope it will end soon.

  18. MODE said:

    The Government services in Sri Lanka is 1 of the worst parts like going to get your driving license about a year back when my brother went to get his D.L he applied for it and got his temporary D.L within 2 weeks the writing exam & trial was done within those 2 weeks it was a good system & didn’t need any new system but now the bloody idiots have put a new system where it takes 1 whole day to submit the application then you have to wait for more than 3 weeks to do the writing exam and then you have to wait for at-least another 3 months for the practical exam and then wait for the license to come to your house for another 2-3 weeks and then only you could start to drive. Normally when a new system is introduced you expect it to be faster and quicker but in Sri Lanka its just the opposite it makes things slow. And its all because of the L.T.T.E that the tamils are suffering today if it wasn’t for them the whole country wouldn’t have been categorizing the tamils separately and i dont know what was prabakaran thinking even if he got his eelam would any other country consider that a country he would have made it a worse place than Israel. Anyhow we all should be happy that the war is over but still wondering why the hell is the cost of living going up instead of coming down & the worst part is government servents are asking for a raise every time but thre is no difference in there quality of work.

    • tamil supporter said:

      get ure facts right
      sinhalese majority made their language national and not the tamils, and even discriminated them in education (although it made us smarter)
      we tried with peaceful demonstration, but ure monkey government chased away and killed several women and children
      ltte only took violence because the generation befored them couldnt get some sense into the racist government

  19. soi'llstayannonymous said:

    u guys all sound stupid…..1st off u cant call someone a racist if u urself call them a faggot (thats considered a racist word by the way), second all u assholes really need to just sit down & realize that while ur on this website arguing, people r still dying in UR COUNTRY….DUHHHH. so get over all the bullshit. if u want ur country to change then it has to start with U ALL treating each other better. tamils and sinhales who gives a fuck…yall all srilanken by the end of the day so deal with it.

  20. soi'llstayannonymous said:

    we all need more peace in this god forsaken world!!!!

  21. I LOVE SRI LANKA said:

    Creater of this blog, listen!!!
    Live life better than being a sorry sod who’s daily activity is going around talking crap about my country. Every country has its flaws.. even the developed countries and even the one ur living in now..

    You say its warm in Sri Lanka.. yeah sure.. in some parts of the country. Some ppl do like that and it helps some industries too. If u are dumb enough to assume the whole country is like that. Walk a bit more into the center of the country. Then u might have a change of mind.

    Wars were started not by a country but by a group of narrow minded people; much like you.
    I am a Sri Lankan and i am proud of it. Over here we do give a fuck! You fall on the street sick and someone will come check on u to see if ur ok. You wont find that in most other countries. Sri Lanka is beautiful in all ways. Yeah we do have crappy roads but hey! we arent some developed country. We make do with what we got and things are getting better. Thanks to the war ending. Thanks to all those that help end it as well. No thanks to assholes like you who bitch about small flaws like holes in the road and government issues.
    Face reality, Every country as its issues. If u wanna bitch about it more.. go ahead and waste whatever life u got. I would like to know where ur from and where u are now. So then we can really get down to seeing what made you into the lil bitch you are now.
    Anyhow, I think ur parents brought u to this world with some better hope than this unless they are as screwed up as u. If so I am sorry u were born like that. But its not too late to grow some heart. Go make urself useful dumbass!!

    • Kelly said:

      I agree with you strongly! I am from Sri lanka and it is a beautiful place! Some people should get a life!!!

    • tamil supporter said:

      stop telling lies, u sinhalese nazi
      if u do help people who fall on the street sick, then why not innocent tamils who get their limbs cut, blown up to pieces and even pregnant women who get their womb cut with babies
      CRUEL HEARTLESS NAZI BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • YOLANKA said:

        LOOK. You ‘tamil’ people killed our people as well. And why the hell, did you plan to come crash into our country!? Its our country not yours so HUH. SHUT UP AND GO TO WHERE EVER YOU CAME FROM. Losers.

  22. Thommy said:

    If Sri Lanka sucks that bad then why did Arthur C Clarke one of the most intelligent men in the world decide to live there. Think about it.

  23. Nottakenin said:

    Arthur Clarke wrote sci-fi fantasy novels, so his loose grip on reality fitted in quite well with the Sri Lankan perspective on life, the universe and everything (to borrow from another sci-fi writer)

    No other country has such a change of climate with 2 hours travel? Says it all. Absolutely no knowledge or interest in the outside world. My favourite 2 hour drive in Sri Lanka was the 40km drive to the airport.

    I never ceased to be shocked at the gross stupidity and selfishness of some of the people I meet on the streets of Sri Lanka, let alone the zombies who staff shops and restaurants. It must be the heat – where else to people walk around in the midday sun with no protection on their head? I met some wonderful people there but they were in a tiny minority.

    “We treat our women like goddesses.” The goddess of domestic violence? The goddess of trishaw drivers who masturbate in broad daylight? The goddess of relentless servitude? I got less hassle from men in Arab countries, and that is saying something.

    The war is over – the country is still a dump. Who or what are you going to blame now for your own inability to run a country?

    Sri Lanka. Peal Necklace of the Indian Ocean. 1st world prices 3rd world quality and service.

    • Kelly said:

      Well if you think it is such a dump why visit it then idiot!!! Have you never heard of the saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ Maybe you should use it one day.

  24. Kelly said:

    Oh shut up will you!!! You people keep going on and on saying how bad the country is and you never see the good in Sri-lanka!! Sri-lanka is a beautiful place, and WHATEVER you say will NOT change that whatsoever! It may be hot and there are lots of holes in the roads but get over it!!! I am not trying to be rude but Sri-lanka is a wonderful place and you should really see how beautiful and wonderful it is in this day and age!!! Many people there are nice and kind and you are hurting everybody’s feelings! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and whatever you say will not change that even if Srilanka has some bad qualities!!!

  25. Buddy, Stop Complaining and go get some work done. Your Country is a beautiful country. If there are no good roads go get them fixed.

    • janusis said:

      Right, let me just get my spade and bucket of tar. Brb.

  26. nilukshi said:

    hmm totaly agree with you.people over there sucks.in between srilankans only competiton is going on.no humanity at all.I dont think this is anything related to LTTE.now sl literally sucks =(

  27. somaratne said:

    Sri Lanka is a 3rd world asshole of a country.. im a sri lankan i feel like always feel like im stuck inside a gassy mans asshole coz this whole country smells like ass.. the women r ugly as fuck, the whole country looks like Hiroshima 2 weeks after wwii, the food is shit, theres absolutely no fucking place to hang out.. this country defines the word SHIT

    • punjabi said:

      hahahahahahahaha well said!! “this country defines the word SHIT”

  28. Love Ma Country said:

    To all I would say, I love my country no matter what. If some one do not prefer to stay in it please leave, rather than just complaining about it. Yes our country has issues, as all developing countries do. The country did not have time due the war(ethnic conflict), since it’s over now, we have start to develop. If some one is still mad about my country, why don’t you show me a so called develop country which do not have even a single issue. Please do a research before you comment, because I quoted the word single issue. Replying to this post without evidence would clearly show how foolish and dumb you are!

  29. Tee said:

    Don’t advertise your stupidity my friend Janusis!

    • I love all countries..... said:


  30. I love all countries..... said:

    Why the fuck have you mother fucker to comment badly on a country???????????
    Is this your culture? Is this the way you have been brought up, fucking bitch??????????
    Every country have problems you fucking asshole….

    Take the Ltte,
    Why do they need half of a small country????

    Your mother and father must also be fucking retards like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Rotten bitch janusis said:

    Please don’t show your stupidity to the world, dude….. keep it for yourself

    • Love Ma Country said:

      At last the so called blogger is replying. You are a moron who think my country is not a good place. If it’s a so bad country, why don’t you just leave it. If blogger “I love all countries” is pissed there is a reason why he’s pissed. It’s becuase you made this shitty blogg of yours to insult a country. What will you feel if some one says filthy and unethical stuff about your mother? (i don’t whether your mother is a that type of a women, but I assume she is after seeing at your blog).

      • janusis said:

        If you love Sri Lankan so much, why don’t you come back? Oh wait, maybe it’s better if you lovely people stay right where you are.

  32. Nuwan Perera said:

    We all pretend to love Sri lanka but we pollute the country we love, we give no hoot for any Sri Lankans. Every citizen of a particular country is treated with dignity but in Sri lanka the Sri lankans are treated badly even at the air port when he or she is leaving or arriving. We used to be called a friendly nation, the war changed everything. Lets try any make Sri lanka a better place and the Sri Lankans better humans, than let others look down on us. The politicians and the racist monks and our attitude to fellow Sri lankans have given us a bad name. Lets unite and change this

  33. LOLA said:

    well said….everything is soo true.. thumbs up

  34. ShittySriLanka said:

    I’m from Sri Lanka and this country sucks like hell. Our electricity board can’t even provide us a consistence power supply. I was having a video conference and the power went out without no prior warning. Fuck this country. And they call this piece of shit the wonder of asia?

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