Gmail’s Undo Send Button

Ever forwarded an email containing the latest Miss World Bikini pictures and realized your boss was on the forward list? Ever sent a party invitation by accident to someone you don’t really want to see? How about those embarrassing personal emails that end up in acquaintance’s inboxes? Well, finally Google has added an Undo feature to sending an email. Now, its not as brilliant as you think. It’s not going to grab that email from someone’s inbox and give it back to you, but there is a 5 second delay from the time you click ‘send’ and the email actually gets sent. During that 5 seconds you can cancel the send by clicking on the ‘Undo’ button.

Just go to your Gmail settings, Labs, and then enable ‘Undo Send’. Hope it saves your behind!

  1. Wow. Sounds neat. 🙂

    But, dude…. doesn’t it usually take the average person more than 5 seconds to go, “crap, what the fuck did I just do?” 😀

  2. janusis said:

    Yeah, that is a problem! But who knows what Gmail will come out with next..

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