Obama and the Nobel Prize

Its a strange turn of events it is. These Europeans can be might strange sometimes. We all know they love Obama, and many many other people love him too, but the Nobel Peace Prize? Now? A leeeetle bit premature I think.

The committee thought to help Obama’s image/clout with this prize but instead what they are doing is hindering his work, making him out to be a showman rather than a man with solid intentions and serious goals.


  1. Well, if he ISN’T a showman, he’d refuse the prize.

  2. janusis said:

    That’s what many suggest at the moment, but would a refusal cause even more damage and controversy than receiving the prize itself? The prize is plainly an European political endorsement as well as a much sought after honour, a refusal would be tantamount to an insult and give his critics a chance to suggest that he is too “big” for a Nobel.

    It has been openly mentioned in the media that Obama was not thrilled at the news of the award.

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