Sexy or Decent

I overheard a conversation today while sitting at my desk. A couple of guys were casually discussing a random girl’s looks. One chap stated that the girl looked nice, that she was not sexy, but was decent. So I asked them a question, can a sexy person not be decent as well?

Working in some of the offices in Colombo is a supremely trying experience. Besides the usual hassle that comes with working in any office is the unending series of affairs that seem to be going on at any given time. The other (and probably connected issue) is the attitude displayed to women in the office. If she happens to dress interestingly then she is deemed sexy, but also a target for male attention. If she looks good but dresses more modestly then she is decent. (I do not understand what the standard is here but I assume it varies depending on the office.)

Now why on earth can’t someone be both sexy and decent? (whatever the relative meanings of those words are)

  1. Good question.

    Please post more on the affairs at office, the blogosphere is so boring these days.

  2. janusis said:

    Eh, tell me about it. I wonder where all the old bloggers have gone?

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