Driving in Sri Lanka – The Wedge Method

There is a certain amount of pushiness and a general disregard of personal space in Sri Lanka. It’s not there all the time but sprouts out like a particularly virulent mushroom when ever there is a queue or a line. And it only get worse when it comes to driving. I find it particularly prevalent among bikers and three-wheel drivers and I call it the wedge method.

Have you noticed how bikes and three-wheelers poke their front wheel into any available space between vehicles on the road? You tend to give a little way then because no one wants a bike or three-wheeler bumping against you, but as soon as there is an inch more of space they shove themselves further in and you have to swerve to avoid an accident. It’s worse with three-wheelers. I wonder if they even know how big their vehicle is because they right at the front of that ‘wedge’, and as soon as they get a little space its you who has to avoid the large rear-end that inevitably swings towards you. I think they count on the fact that you will give way instead of risking an accident.

It’s got to be something in the (city?) culture. Anytime you are in a line there is bound to be an elbow in your side or a hand on your back. It’s extremely annoying.

  1. Takes the expression giving someone a wedgie to a new level, eg?


  2. Angel said:

    Ha ha, JP, I need to remember that!

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