Queue Woes

Anyone who has been to Savoy knows about the huge queues that tend to build up there for the weekend movies. Usually I book my tickets online but this time my computer AND printer AND router were busted (thank you freaky weather and SLT) so Lady Janusis and I decided to give it a shot and stand in the queue and hope for the best. When we got there the queue was already pretty long, but the parking lot guy told us that the queue was for the Sinhalese movie playing there while we had come for the Jet Li movie (White Snake). He also suggested that we could jump the queue since none of the people were there to watch that movie. But hey, I am not that stupid. I am not jumping a queue with a mile of rabid movie-goers behind me.

So we ended up standing in the queue and that’s when the fun started. The queue was way past the parking lot by this time, but the weird thing was that with all the cars leaving and coming into the lot, the queue went THROUGH the parking lot and back on to the road. Imagine a slightly drunk snake with hiccups and you can imagine this queue. It went around cars and between cars, and when ever a car backed out everyone would start jumping around to avoid being run over. We had to keep hitting the back of vehicles to make sure they didn’t run over some kid or old lady. (Some of those drivers were pretty aggressive I tell you). Basically it was some pretty crazy stuff.

By the time we got out of the parking lot queue and on to the road queue, there was some guy trying to crawl up my ass. Seriously, I could feel him thrusting at me and wiggling. Sometime his arm was over my shoulder resting on the wall, and sometimes his man-boobs were on my back. I tried not to move too much to avoid the rubbing. Eh, I don’t get why people do this, I mean its not like I can move any faster just because he is man-bumping me. And HIS wife was standing so close to Lady J, that she kept stomping on her trouser legs. And every time that woman scratched herself, she would get her hand caught in Lady J’s scarf. It was such a wonderful relief to finally get the tickets and get out of the damned queue. I felt like I needed a bath, or to file a sexual abuse case, or eat ice cream (ice cream is a cure-all btw).

Either way the movie was crap, but I had fun anyway. After all, only part of the fun of going to a movie hall is the story line, the rest is good company and junk food. 🙂


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