Religious Double Standards

Three French tourists on holiday in Sri Lanka took photos of themselves posing with Buddha statues at the Embekka Devale. Now the photos were not very respectful, but what do you expect? They are French. The French are known for cutting heads off royalty, disrespecting religions, food, sex and running away. The studio responsible for developing the photos patriotically (see what I did there?) handed the photos over to the police who then arrested the offenders. The tourists were sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment suspended for five years and fined.

It seems a pretty steep sentence for a moment of idiocy. But this sort of sentencing only happens when the act is on a  Buddhist place of worship. There is absolutely no such enforcement when a Christian church is attacked, when a mosque is stormed, or when a statue is stolen from a Hindu kovil. Where’s are the fines there? Where is the rigorous imprisonment? Does Sri Lankan automatically equate to Buddhist? Can anyone spell DOUBLE STANDARDS here? (Hint: It rhymes with extremism).



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