Mediated Gallery


After reading about Mediated on Groundviews, I simply had to go to the Sasika Fernando Gallery and see it for myself, even though all of the information was available on their site. The exhibition is brilliant. I have been a fan of visualizing data for the past few years, and while I have experimented a bit, this exhibition reaches new levels of awesome. The marriage of solid research and acclaimed artists has resulted in a baby that is like baby superman, but cuter.

It is worth the trip to actually see the exhibits live – Ameena Hussein’s piece is a sculpture covered in loudly ticking bulbs and there are magnifying glasses for Mika Tennekone’s painting. There is also a wireless headset but I have no idea what it was for. It might have actually been the property of the girl sitting at the computer, and if it was I apologize for fiddling with it. That is the peril of modern art for you..

  1. Sorry, I just read this post by you. Thanks for the comments. The headphones were an integral part of Jagath’s installation! 🙂 Not too late for a second visit, and don them to find out what the score was.

    • janusis said:

      I actually did wear them, and there was no sound. Unless that was the purpose of it, at which point I feel dumb. Ha ha.

      • Technical glitch. There was in fact a soundtrack.

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