This Diet Thing – Day 1


So I have decided to eat healthy for a week. And I mean real healthy. Now I am not obese and I don’t gorge on pizza and cake on a regular basis, but even a slight lapse into the delightful realm of junk food gets me wondering why my pants don’t fit anymore, and why my face keeps getting rounder.

I have come to the realization finally that we don’t really eat healthy at all. The food we eat on a daily basis is not even close to being healthy and it affects the way we look and feel and think. This is what my daily meal list would look like

  • Breakfast – Toast and jam or toast and egg and baked beans or soy sausages
  • Lunch – Standard rice and curry (vegetarian)
  • Dinner – Bread and a curry or a rotti or two and a curry.

I tend to have chocolate or ice cream for dessert fairly often, with a piece of cake off and on. Now this diet is not terribly terrible but even a slight ice cream binge gets me bloated. Here’s what I think is wrong with the diet: too much starch, too much sugar, too much processed food, and too much spice.

As Sri Lankans we eat too much bread and too much rice. Our food is over salted and our tea is basically tea flavoured sugar syrup. I believe the spice too plays a part in irritable bowels and irritable moods. So, I am going to experiment with a diet without (or very low on) rice or wheat products, without processed sugar and without the heavy spices and chillie we are known for. I vaguely considered trying a paleo diet but that was too hard core for someone with my sweet tooth. I will see what it does for me in terms of weight, energy and mood.

Breakfast today was muesli and lunch is a small portion of potato salad, a small slice of brown bread, lightly steam green beans and carrots and a banana. I wonder how long it will be before I miss my bath parcel, but I am going to rough it out for the week.

I have to admit that it was reading about Joel Runyan and his impossible abs is what inspired me to give this a shot. It would be nice to see my abs again. I mean it’s there and all, but it’s just.. hidden.


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