This Diet Thing – Day 2

Ok, its only day 2 and I am already having a hard time. Ha ha. I miss my spices and chilli. It’s like going off a drug, you suffer from withdrawal. It’s also hard to find food that is not heavy in starch and processed stuff, and I am not interested in eating raw carrots all day. I ain’t a rabbit.

Breakfast was toast (kurakkan) and avocado substituted for butter. Lunch was soy cutlets and lightly cooked veggies and a banana. I absolutely did not look longingly at a colleague’s lamprais.

So far the results are me not feeling so sleepy after breakfast and after lunch. I don’t feel as lethargic and am a little more alert. The downside is that I get hungry faster, so my dinners are usually done by 6.30. Perhaps it will take some time for my stomach to adjust to the lack of heavy starch.


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