What a Troll Looks Like

I came across this amazing story today while going through my feeds, it was about how a guy called Leo Traynor was targeted by a troll for 3 years and how he finally tracked the troll down and confronted him.

Trolls are the bane of anyone who spends significant amounts of time online, or has a fairly visible online presence. Sometimes they are attention seeking dysfunctional types, and other times they are malicious, angry individuals who need some serious help. We all tend to hate them, but this story is also one of redemption and we hope, second chances. Give it a read.

In July I was approached by a friend, who’s basically an IT genius, and he offered some help. He said that he could trace the hackers and trolls for me using perfectly legal technology, which would lead to their IP addresses. I said yes. Then I baited them – I was deliberately more provocative toward them than ever I’d been before.

Holidays intervened. My Twitter account was deactivated but before doing so I posted links to my Google+ account, blog and invited people to contact me on Facebook. I’m delighted that a lot of my lovely friends did. I’m also delighted that The Troll did too.

It transpired that the abuse had emanated from three separate IP addresses in different corners of Ireland. Two of them were public wifi locations but the third….

The third location was the interesting one.

The third location was a friends house.

The Troll was his son. His 17yr old son.


Read the entire post here.


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