This Hair Cut Thing

Ok, while I might not be the most metro of metrosexuals I do try to at least nick (if not cut) a dashing figure, but recently I feel like an entire fashion generation has passed me by while my head was turned. I am now seeing buzz cuts and some strange tapered cuts and mohawks and faux mohawks (which are a bit silly, as if one wants to be radical but gave up half way) and braids and spikes and mullets and this strange emo-sheepdog look. 

When I was young I would get a haircut for Rs. 30 (plus Rs5 for a blade) and I would be glad my mom didn’t try to cut it. Now it’s all about styling and ironing and product and god knows what secret-society etiquette that governs it all. 

But now I want a good haircut, so, somebody please fill me in. Where do men get good haircuts in Colombo? How much do the darn things cost? Do you tip the hair dressers? How much do you tip them?

And no, I haven’t been living on a desert island (no pun intended), I just walk in to a place close-by and walk out minus some hair. 

So, have some mercy. Update me before I am arrested by the fashion police. 


  1. Think Sleek will do thejob for about 400 or so. Salon Anoma in the Bambalapitiya flats is also good and a bit cheaper, around 300 or so I would guess.

    • janusis said:

      The usual places I go to charge around that much for a pretty standard job. The most expensive place I have been to charged 1000, which is pretty pricey. Do you ever tip the barbers? And if so, how much?

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