Have you ever had that kind of weekend where you are bored and stuck at home, where the only face you see is that of the take out guy, and all you have for company is the internet?


You mean its just me? Damn..

Well when all else fails, there is always youtube.. I found this ventriloquist comedian called Jeff Dunham because of whom i nearly suffered a stroke cos I was laughing so hard. I don’t find comedians very funny, but this guy cracks me up. It’s all in the puppets! Here is Achmed the dead terrorist for you..

And then I happened across my new favourite band. They do Symphonic Metal, or Symphonic Rock if you want to nitpick.. Don’t you wonder why the leads are almost always women? Makes for wonderful sound though..

And then to start off another boring week in this awful humidity with crazed politicians, I read that Buddhist priests are performing funeral services for dogs.. It seems like they think animals are more in need of compassion than humans.